Marketing to Millennials…Resonance with Managing Millennials…?

Last week I did a keynote address at the “Share.Like.Buy. Marketing + Millennials” conference. I must say, it was an incredibly interesting event, and I really enjoyed it. You have to remember, much of my work aroudn the Millennial Generation is about education and/or human resources, so to get this perspective was quite fascinating for me. As described in the conference program:
“Ah, Millennials. Tough to figure out, sell to, and employ. Or are they?” Read More »

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Millennials at Work – Insights from PwC

In 2007, PricewaterhouseCoopers published its first report “on the future of people management,” in which they asserted that “the growing talent crisis, demographic shifts, advances in technology and the rise of sustainability issues on the corporate agenda would dramatically change organizational models and the way in which companies manage their people.” Nearly two years later, at the end of 2008, they conducted a follow-up study and report entitled Millennials at work: perspectives from a new generation. In this, insights from over 4,000 new college graduates from 44 countries were shared, designed to help companies understand how Millennial attitudes towards work differ from previous generations. It’s a very interesting report, filled with data points that really help to understand the unique – and sometimes not so unique – psychographic characteristics of Millennial employees. Read More »

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